FYBO Score AutoSubmittal


This is our first attempt at an auto entry submittal page for FYBO.  This is an attempt to address our obvious shortcomings with getting the results published in a reasonable length of time.  Hopefully, this is now a thing of the past.


Here are a few notes to help you submit your FYBO2008 score on our new autosubmittal

page.  Please read them carefully since there are a couple of things you "might" need to do with the current method of data transmission to us.  Probably not, but just maybe if you have trouble.  This page WILL change as necessary before the end of FYBO if we find problems or change the method of actually transmitting your submittal back to us.


For the most part, I think the entries are self-expanatory, but here's a few notes just in



The Field, QRPp, and Alternative Power entries are check boxes.  Enter your contacts, how many of them were valid, number of S/P/C, and check the box under NQ7RP if you worked us on that band/segment.  For you guys that like the "other" digital modes, enter the number of RTTY, PSK, or whatever contacts you made in those modes.  No extra points, just interesting to know if anyone is using digital yet.


Add up all your S/P/C for all bands/segments and put them in the Total S/P/C box.  AND your final score.  Don't forget that one.


Put your comments in the Soapbox area, operators for multis, links to pictures, etc in the space provided.  Email individual pictures, more soapbox (if you run out of room), or whatever else to:


FYBO2008 at AZScQRPions dot org


Be sure to include your call with any separate emailings so we can match up with what comes in on the form.


Your default email client should be up and running when you SUBMIT the form.  Otherwise, you may experience difficulty in transmitting the data.  Generally the client will have a check box somewhere in its options that mark it as the default client.  It should be checked.  This caution will go away if we are able to get the server form operating correctly in time.