Fort Tuthill QRP Conference 2014

August 1-2

Flagstaff, AZ


image008.jpgThe Arizona ScQRPions club is returning to Ft. Tuthill. We would be pleased to have you join us for our Annual Fort Tuthill QRP Conference August 1 and August 2 in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

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·  Free group camping Friday and Saturday night, at the fairgrounds, area "C" & "D"

·  Free QRP related forums 8 AM - 3 PM, Saturday

·  Tailgate swap meet at the campground, Friday ONLY.

·  Informal dinner, Friday night, at a local Flagstaff restaurant.

·  Group picnic, Saturday night, campground, bring your own main course

·  10 minutes from downtown Flagstaff 


Here are some of the details you have been waiting for!


image019.jpgIt's that time of year again and the Arizona ScQRPions are happy to announce the 2014 QRP Conference and Campout at the Fort Tuthill campgrounds near Flagstaff Arizona on August 1st and 2nd!! Everyone is welcome whether or not you operate QRP. The forums are usually of general interest, but oriented many times toward outdoor operating, construction projects, new techniques, small portable stations, antennas, and accessories.


Friday August 1st is the day where YOU become the activities!! Your chance to show off what you like to do in your corner of Ham Radio! BRING A DEMO. SHOW US WHAT YOU DO AND HOW IT WORKS! Do satellites? What do you use for tracking software. Work a few birds from the campground. Brag a little. Brag a lot! Built an interesting new gadget? Bring it. Have an interesting piece of equipment? Bring it and tell us about it. Are you a weak signal guy? Operate 6m Meteor Scatter and WSPR? Do just WSPR? JT65? Bring that and show yourself on the Reverse Beacon Network running 2 mW output. Built a microcontroller project? Bring it and show us how you designed and programmed it. Got a new Ham Radio oriented software package? Bring your laptop/netbook/Droid/iPhone. Show us what it does! Remote control your radio? How does THAT work?  SOTA?  This is for you!  Peaks everywhere you look.

Of course you can always visit with old friends and make new ones. Bring some trading material for an informal swap meet on Friday.  We'll have a few things to sell for the benefit of the club. Some will set up stations and antennas to operate. There could be other semi-spontaneous activities, but only time will tell. This is your day. And at the end of the day Friday, we will enjoy a group dinner at one of the local Flagstaff restaurants near the park or perhaps with a smaller group and get a little something from the Beaver Street Brewery.

Saturday, August 2nd is the day for all the forums. Scotty Cowling (WA2DFI) is the program chairman and has announced the speakers for the forums at this link. Saturday night finds us back at the campground for a cookout. No rainouts allowed as we have reserved a large covered ramada for 70 happy hams just in case.  We provide everything with the exception of your "entrée." Portable tables and chairs would be wise choices of things to bring with you. Water and electricity is available. There are five permanent picnic tables and plenty of places to contain your cooking fire.


image020.jpgHopefully one way or another you can join in the fun!  Looking forward to seeing and meeting you all at 7500' in the cool Ponderosa pines of Northern Arizona!  Afternoon thundershowers are pretty routine in the mountains (7500'+) and you'll be looking for a place to stay sorta dry if one literally blows through. Consider bringing a sweater as well.  The desert is blazing hot, but the temperatures at the campground will range from the upper 70's to the mid-80's during the day.  MUCH cooler if a storm blows through.

There are many accommodations near the campgrounds if you are motel camping. Here are two links to Google Maps showing about 11 major brand hotels and motels in each area. Take me to the Lucky Lane Motel Map or take me to the South Milton Road Motel Map (extension of I-17 North). The Econo Lodge at Lucky Lane was an especially good value for a nice room in 2012 - 2013. Here is a map showing all of the locations mentioned in this announcement GPS coordinates for all sites are available on this map.  All these hotels are way less than 10 minutes from the campgrounds at Fort Tuthill.


Arriving by car from the East or West on I-40 take exit 195 to I-17 South which will take you to the campgrounds.  If arriving by I-17 take Exit 337 to the campgrounds on the West side of I-17. This is also the exit to the Flagstaff airport. Turn West at the Stop Sign (North or South) after exiting the I-17 freeway. This road leads you directly into Ft. Tuthill just as you cross highway 89A that would take you on the scenic route to Sedona. (A wonderfully beautiful 25 mile drive if you haven't done it! (Watch out for the elk) Just show me the campground map! Click here to download an official copy of the Coconino County fairgrounds map (Ft. Tuthill).  Our area on this map is on the far left side of the map just below the center where it says "Group camping area." or something like that. The group campground is adjacent to the small military museum in the back of the fairgrounds.